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Scan/Dyna Trivia 2


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Hi there;

The Dynaco Seas 10" woofers were shipped individually wrapped as follows:

Woofers face up, place plastic spacers, they appear to be identical to plastic blind end electrical connectors, in all of the bolt holes from the top, they were friction fit.

Lift the woofer up and place it face down on a sheet of cardboard slightly wider than the woofer basket, and longer by an amount that will allow the ends to be folded up to meet at the magnet.

They then taped the cardboard closed with brown paper Seas marked tape.

This secure method kept the surrounds clear of the cardboard.

The master cartons were the width of the woofer, plus a slight clearance allowing for the cardboard width.

This method of speaker shipping, perhaps, can be used with any brand woofer.

Something that I have never read about, that is installing a shorting strap across the speaker terminals, while in transit, particularly the woofers.

I have never read about any company doing this.

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