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Dynaco A_50 $710.00 U$


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Hi there;

I see that 5 bidders pushed the ceiling with this auction.

At $710.00 U$, this has got to be a milestone price for this model speaker on ebay.

It appears that they have retained their value, after all this time.

A buyer had asked the seller to accept a non-listed buy-it-now price of $300.00.

The seller stated, no, and that a previous pair had gone for $400.00.

I think that I've seen them sit un-sold, as well.

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Hi John;

Thank you for the update.

That is a more reasonable expectation for those speakers, considering the sound, driver quality, cabinetry and perceived value to the purchaser.

I am certain that the seller is a little more than disappointed.

But, I bet the buyer is still dancing the jig right now.

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Hi Andy;

It is strange some days when a pair of A-25's will bring in hundreds of dollars and the next 3 pairs won't top $100.00, the same day.

A-10's run the same gamut, and I always miss the low value auctions.

If one just turns on ebay for the very first time and see's their dream speakers, for example, they may get the bidding fever.

One must study ebay for a month or so to see the trends to bid properly.

Also one needs to know how to bid appropriately.

Auctions are pushed to the ceiling by the desire to buy their (our) toys.

I usually always lose an auction once I bid, early on.

I bid on an item recently at about 1 minute to the end of the auction and the only other bidder upped the ante a few seconds later and before I saw what had happended, the auction was over.

When I had bid on one of my recent woofers, I bid the same as the one above but this time the other bidder increased his bid but not enough.

I ended up paying twice as much as I needed to, if I only had waited untill the last second.

We were at a local live auction over 20 years ago.

There was a child's carseat being bid on.

The price that won that carseat was higher than in a store brand new.

We left without seeing anymore bidding.

As a side note, TomT just added to the secure packaging of speakers in the AR forum, always good advice from Tom.

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The pair of A-50s that went for $250 looked close to as nice as the pair that went for $700.

With A-25s there is SOME logic. The pairs that go for $80 are pretty cosmetically chellenged compared to the ones that go for $300. But they all work the same. If you're good at wood restoration, there are still bargains to be had.


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