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Dynaco A-10 drivers


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Hi there;

I would love to be able to give you some very positive advice, I cannot.

The original drivers have not been made for 25 plus years.

There is the occasional pair on ebay that run upwards of $100.00 - 200.00 and more depending on many factors.

Because only the A-10 used the smaller woofer, the woofers are as scarce as hens teeth, rarely, very rarely have I seen them on ebay as a used raw driver.

The tweeter is the regular Seas tweeter common to the A-25, A-35 and A-50 speaker systems, 8 ohms each, very plentiful on ebay.

You can only keep your eyes out and cross your fingers that a deal will come along in the future.

Don't discard them, do not keep your hopes up too high for the near future.

Place a want ad on this site, you never know what might turn up.

I have 1/2 a unit only and would like a pair, I like them for their compactness.

Good luck in your quest.

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Thanks for the info, Vern. I may try dropping in a replacement woofer just to see what it sounds like. One tweeter and one (non-original) woofer work; I think the other tweeter (both are original) just needs to be re-attached. Then I'll wait and see what I can find out there. Again, thanks!

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