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Hi there;

For those of you that own the great old Stereo 120 amplifier, there is the well documented TIP modification, if you are having problems.

There is many more tips as well.

For those with time on their hands, you can replace a PAT-4 pre-amps volume control quite reasonably, with a very inexpensive (approx $5.00 U$) Alps pot and an hour or so of your time.

We are very lucky that they didn't have the power switch as part of the volume control.

Or go for the gusto, a 23 position stepped volume control.

This volume control is not just limited to Dynaco pre-amps, it can be adapted to almost any configuration one can imagine.

Unfortunately, the older stepped ALPs pot, was discontinued a decade or so ago.

This stepped switch project is about $60.00 U$ for the switch plus resistors and of course your time.

Any interest in the above?

Good luck.

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Guest My1st_Dynaco

I just purchased a Dynaco ST-120 with the intentions of restoring it and perhaps even implement some mods. I recently retired from the Navy and want to refresh my basic electronics and perhaps learn a few new things. I found your posting on the ST-120 and would like to read on your experience with it. I have not even powered the unit yet until I finish a preliminary inspection since it is pretty grimy and at first glance some areas show signs of overheating. My background is computer repair but I have always being a Hi-Fi fan. As a matter of fact when learning my basic electronics (18 years ago),I used my limited knowledge in Hi-Fi as the base in order to relate to the material. Anyway I would like to read some opinions on this amp and it merits as a DIY project.


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