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snell and B&W related ?

Guest denmarkdrivers

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Guest pepperdog

They may be owned by the same corporate family now, but historically Snell and B&W are from two totally different worlds.

B&W - which stands for Bowers and Wilkens is an English company still based in England, and is a huge multi-national company 100 times the size of Snell.

Snell is located in Massachusetts and is a very high quality manufacturer of speakers but they don't have the Global presence or market share that B&W does.

Both have similar lines including dedicated 2 channel speakers of all sizes, and Home theater systems galore, but across the board, I think Snell is the better performer, and I also think they are made to a higher standard than most B&W's.

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Snell was founded by the physicist Peter Snell who tragically died suddenly at an early age. B&W is an English company whose best speaker models were used by some audiophile type record companies as monitors for mastering their recordings. The 801 and I think later the 802 were in this category, both very expensive. They had much cheaper products too. Peter Snell's best effort was the type AII which I heard at the home of a friend and I liked them very much. I liked the AIIIi even better which was introduced after he died, he may have been working on it at the time of his death. Peter Qvortrop, owner of Audio Note, an English high end audio manufacturer is a geat admirer of Snell and said the AIIIi was in his opinion the best speaker ever. Of course the price couldn't compare to AN's high end 8" 2 way ported design which sold for up to $125,000 a pair around a year ago. Qvortrop tried to copy and improve some of Snell's ideas. You have to wonder just how far you can go with the concept of an AR4x when money is no object. At its most expensive version, I think this is around several thousand a pair. They would make an interesting AB comparison. It would be something if the AR4x were the better speaker.


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