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bozak model 302 A

Guest Mr. Kim Gabrels

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Guest Mr. Kim Gabrels

I need 2 new tweeters. Mind fail to work. can i replace with better paid by other manufactor, have mine rebuilt, what do you recommend. AND, i have a cross over net work from JBL model 4410. would this add anything to my bozaks should i install??

Just enjoying my older speakes and wish to try to improve, and do not with to destroy them by not knowing what i am doing. which is the case.


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Guest centaurus

Hi Kim,

i used to have 302A Urbans and miss them very much. they were too big for our new place though.

anyway, mine had the following work done to them. i went from the stock 2uf cap/25ohm resistor for the tweeter network to a 2.5uf/20ohm combination. this lowered the x-over point for the tweeter and increased it's gain just a touch. about a 1.5-2 db difference.

next up, i used spacers to tilt the tweeters more up to ear level. this helped greatly and tilting the whole speaker back puts the mids off axis.

lastly, listen with the grills off, less high frequency smearing from the grills.

as far as the tweeters, they naturally roll off around 13kHz. you can NOT fix that. it's by their design. i tried some swan TN28 top mount tweeters and disconnected the 200y bozak tweeters. the speakers sounded very modern and lost a lot of that bozak lushness.

thing is that the stock tweeters also act as upper midrange drivers and they sound great for this purpose. if you want some more "sparkle" try the swan TN28 with the appropriate x-over to use as a super tweeter.

anway, buy replacement 200y tweeters on ebay. there's always lots to choose from.

see ya,


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Guest mygeronimo57

;-) Bozak speaker components and some empty cases. Brand new in the box. 70's style. Mid range. trishpompeii@sbcglobal.net

Also never again to find brand new in box Concert Grands.

This was a miracle find. trishpompeii@sbcglobal.net

Please,Be aware that you will pay for the shipping. They can go air,

freight, or UPS. trishpompeii@sbcglobal.net

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