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AR3 mirror image cabinet

Guest Stevey88

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Nice woodworking job. You are talented.

I've been looking at the potential for difraction effects based on the mid and tweeter locations with respect to their crossover frequencies of 575 and 5000 hz.

A rule of thumb is to have the driver less than one wavelength from any sharp edges. Here, the tweeter's wavelength at 5000 hz is about 2.7 inches which is a little less than it's distance from the top and edge of the speaker. It's obvious they tried to get it as close to the edge as possible.

The midrange's average distance from the top and side edges is about 5-7/8 inches, which translates to a theoretical diffraction frequency of about 2300 hz.

Rounding sharp edges will help mitigate diffraction.

I'm consdering doing that with my prototype 3a upgrade speaker.

It's all about the music


Carl's Custom Loudspeakers

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