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Soldering iron cleaner

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Hi there;

I use a Weller WCPT soldering station, which I've owned since about 1970.

It saw lots of Dynaco and Heathkits.

It has been superceeded by updating, but is still what I consider a great all round soldering tool.

It has it's original small sponge, which we are suppose to moisten, and to wipe our tips with, to keep them clean.

This also cools the tips down.

I've seen advertised and in several stores an alternative for tip cleaning.

It appears to be a ball of brass shavings, similar in size and appearance to a ball of steel wool and also the plastic dish scrub pads.

The prices I've seen in electronics stores is around $6.00 CDN each ball.

I also found bags with 3 and 4 balls, in the dollar stores, for $1.00 a bag.

They also have 3 - 4 balls of copper as well for $1.00.

Also a caution or caveat, I bought copper pot scrubbers at my favourite Superstore several years ago.

There has a true copper outter shell, but the major core is copper coloured plastic, about $3.00 for 3.

Just letting you know.

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