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Bracing your cabinets

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Hi there;

I've been thinking about this idea for a few months now.

I needed to build a privacy fence to keep the dumpster divers off my porch and so goes the story.

After the fence came a storage shed.

After this job was finished, I saw more than a few pieces of pallet material left over.

Here, in Vancouver, I have seen mountains of pallets go to the dump over the years, (no speakers though), with the exception of the blue CHEP pallets.

Some pallets were from off-shore shipments, but most were made here in North America.

The Asian ones appear to be made of mahogany, but the North American ones appear to be of a poorer quality hardwood.

Almost every wholesaler has a pile, free for the taking.

My thought is to recycle these, if you are in need of wood for internal speaker cabinet bracing.

This wood is certainly stronger than strips of plywood and only a little of your time and effort will be put to good use.

Re-cycle, improve cabinet strength = better sound.

Win, Win, Win.

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