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My first time on this website. AR has been my favorite brand for a long time. My situation is opposite from most--I have the AR amp (and tuner and turntable) but no AR speakers (I have smaller Advents). I thought I wanted AR3a speakers but maybe AR5s? (I heard some like the sound better than the AR3a) maybe AR 302s or 303s? (more modern AR3a and AR5). I really like the original equipment though so maybe AR3a is best choice after all. I also have some original AR ad booklets--maybe we can get them up on the web? I also need an owner's manual for my AR amp--available on the web?

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This guy has a whole bunch of AR stuff on ebay right now:


Says he is a former AR dealer.

There is a pair of AR5 on ebay right now too:


My understanding is that the AR5 is basically a 10" woofer version of an AR3a.

Accessories 4 less has some AR302s left in black:


and in cherry:


They are a good place to purchase items.


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