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Library of Knowledge: Mark

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Hi there, Mark;

My thoughts on this are, from the many times, that I have seen some very interesting articles with photos or drawings or ads.

If I like what I see, then I download it and save it, and I sometimes print it out for later reading.

My point of this write-up is that the photos and drawings seem to get lost in the depths of the forum, particularly, but not exclusively, the AR forum.

Another option is, if they are automatically installed in that particular forums library.

Is there a way to create a, "Library of Knowledge", which would just have the photos and or drawings.

Which can also have, in addition to or instead of, the site's affixed number, a unique name such as, fuse-sheet-001, AR-fuse-sheet-001 or even Carls-cloth-001.

These would be brand specific of course.

You are doing a really great job, Mark, with this site as is.

Perhaps this is beyond the programs capabilities?

Just a thought.

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