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Early Stan White Opus I Speaker

Guest rlabomb

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Guest rlabomb

I know this wasn't made in New England but I am sure that you guys might like to see this interesting piece. I bought it from an older gentleman in Glastonbury, CT. He was the original owner and had owned it since 1958. He also had a great letter that he had received from Stan White Inc. The cabinet features a "multi-flare" horn design that really delivers some serious response down low. I hooked it up and it sounded amazing. I didn't want to damage it so I didn't push it, though. According to the letter, the response is 30-18,000. It has a 8 inch woofer and a 5 inch tweeter. The port in the back channels air and creates a bass you can really feel. The only info I found was actually a great website that you can find if you google Stan White. It seems as though his stuff was pretty popular in the mono days. Would be great if anyone could tell me more about this speaker. Anyone with a schematic of the "Multi-Flare" horn cabinet.






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