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Bose 901 Clones

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Guest audioresearch

I build a clone of the Bose 901 speaker system (a pair of speakers plus an electronic active equalizer). It sounds close enough to the original that neither I nor anyone to whom I've demonstrated the clone has been able to tell it apart from the original Bose 901 in a side by side comparison listening test. Cabinets are all wood, no plastic. Driver frames are metal, not plastic. Driver surrounds are reliable treated cloth, not foam that can rot.

I'm a former Bose engineer. I've taken Dr. Bose's MIT acoustics course which was taught at Bose headquarters in Framingham, MA. I am a graduate of the MIT electrical engineering department and the first textbook I used there was co-authored by Professor Bose. So, you can have confidence that my clone is engineered and built to high standards.

The complete system is $850, a substantial savings over a new pair of Bose 901's.

In addition, I currently have a one-of-a-kind "super Bose 901 clone" system for sale. Each speaker cabinet in this system is about 42" tall and sits directly on the floor and weighs about 85 pounds. The large size allows them to be played much, much, much louder than the Bose 901 with most receivers.

I'm not affiliated with Bose Corporation.

To contact me, send email to: acoustic.ma@netzero.net.

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