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Hi Everyone,

I have finally decided to clear out most of my vintage speakers, I'm running out of room! Here's the list for those interested:

1) 1961 vintage AR2a...in unfinished blonde, all original, one woofer just reconed by Bill at Millersound.

2) Early KLH Model 6...all original never opened, could use refinishing, sound great

3) Dynaco A25...have been refinished, look and sound beautiful!

4) Rectilinear Xla...a real sleeper! All original, perfect except for a ring on top of one. Great wood for refinishing

5) Ar91...new foam surrounds by Millersound, refinished to almost new condition! Unbelievable bass.

6) ADS L1290a...excellent original condition, need to spend up to $3000.00 to beat these!

7) Linn Kan...very early biwirable models in black ash, 1985 vintage

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