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Morel Tweeters for Sale (UK based)

Guest bluetomgold

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Guest bluetomgold

Hello all,

Just to let you know I have acquired a quantity of new old stock Morel drive units (mostly tweeters) which I'm selling for considerably less than you'd normally pay. They're listed at www.hifisupply.co.uk

These are great quality units which make good upgrade/repair units for classic speakers.

The MDT20 (I have limited stocks) is often recommended as a drop-in upgrade for the Dynaco A25. I've tried this myself and I have to agree that it works very well - definite improvement in smoothness and extension.

I'm not a big business, just an enthusiast who couldn't resist a bargain and I'd be grateful it this post doesn't get deleted (like it did at diyaudio). I wouldn't post if I didn't think it was in the interest of this forum's members.

Currently listening to Can's "Monster Movie" on my beloved AR4xas, and thinking about finishing my AR2ax project...does anyone have a spare cloth surround woofer (and "AR inc" badge) to swap for tweeters?



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