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For Sale A/R-3, Advent, Norman Labs, Cerwin Vega (OKC)

Guest jammons3

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Guest jammons3

I'm selling a few of my speakers. I'm moving soon, and would rather someone pick them up than list on E-Bay. (Oklahoma City)

A/R 3's with original butyl surround woofers and tweeters. The midranges have been replaced. Cabinets have been re-finished.

2 Sets of large advents. Replaced the surrounds on both sets. One is the walnut cabinet.

A set of Cerwin Vega HES with 12" re-foamed woofers. These surprised me when I got them working. They really punch.

Pair of Norman Lab Model 10's poly woofers and dual tweeters.

All the cabinets have minor scratches and a few dings. It's typical wear for older models.

I can take pics if you like. My E-mail is jammons3 AT cox DOT net.

I would rather not ship, but we can work something out.

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