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wanted: AR-9/AR-90 mid-range


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You may want to contact Larry Legace in New York. He used to own an AR shop and recently sold me a woofer for my AR9 rescue/restoration project (the voice coil in one woofer was bad). You can contact him at larrylegac AT aol DOT com. Feel free to mention my name. We've done a lot of business lately with the AR9s having been subjected to "criminal neglect". If anyone has the midrange, he does.

Also, if you have the driver but it's damaged, contact "Simply Speakers" (near Tampa Bay) and they can probably fix you up. They replaced a voice coil on the lower midrange for me after I accidentally burned it up testing a refoam. They did a beautiful job and saved the cone in the process for only $40 plus shipping. Their phone number is 1-800-511-3343. Again, mention my name to either Tom K or Sean. I do a lot of foam and speaker fabric business with them.

Good luck,


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can anyone tell me if there is a difference in the mids on the 9, 90 and 58? can i drop in a mid from a 58 into a 9 or 90?

a pair of mids from AR-58's has the numbers:

200044-0 and 561 8249

a mid from an AR-9 has:

200044-0 and 561 8209



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