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Dynaco, KLH and AR Speakers


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What I usually do is buy cosmetically challenged classic speakers in perfect working condition. I refinish the sides and clean and re-attach the screens. I'm hanging onto most of my "inventory" for the Fall and Winter months when things kick in on Ebay and Craigslist. But if anyone is interested, I have the following (with approximate prices in parentheses):

Several pair of virtually perfect restored Dynaco A-25s, all in perfect working condition ($140 to $230).

One pair of virtually perfect Dynaco A-10s with dark grain ($200).

One pair of virtually perfect KLH 24s ($60).

One pair of astoundingly beautiful AR4x with new screens but with (probably) corroded tweeter pots (no output from tweeters) and in need of new woofers (they sound OK but the surrounds are deteriorating--this pair is for the hobbyist who can work on innards and wants aesthetic perfection) ($50)

I invite comments, questions, suggestions, etc.

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I was able to sell a couple of pair of Dynaco A-25s, as well as another pair of AR4xs (with good cloth surrounds) to someone who knew how to clean the pots...but a bunch of new stuff has fallen into my hands, including an early pair of KLH 6s with silent tweeters (and non-removable screens) and a pair of Infinity 3000Ps in need of new woofer surrounds...if anybody's interested in buying these cheap, or trading, or whatever, let me know...it's probably only cost-effective if one lives nearby...I'm in the SF Bay Area. And of course, if you want really nice Dynacos, let me know. That's where this all started for me. Best, Horse

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