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NOS AR 3/ 3a grills and new AR / AR-3a badges


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We now have a few NOS AR 3/ 3a grills available. They have been in storage for years but are still in perfect condition. They are a hard masonite type frame [stronger than the earlier chipboard] covered in the original light colored linen / cotton blend cloth [not the later gray-ish reproduction cloth].

New reproduction badges with both the "AR-3a" and plain "AR" logo are in the final stages of production. We have been working directly with the engraver to make sure the logos are as accurate as possible, and I'm happy to say the prototypes have been of very good quality and in need of only minor refinements. The new badges are made of original type leaded brass, and the logos are engraved in [not just printed] then paint filled by hand with the familiar dark red color. The brass has an anti-tarnish coating so they should stay nice and shiny for years. When they do eventually need polishing, the engraved & painted logos won't rub off as with the printed types.

The rectangular “3a” plates should be available in the next 2-3 weeks, and the plain square "AR" plates soon after that. They will be supplied with a 3M double sided adhesive film applied to the back rather than a pin or screw, both of which can end up damaging your grills. If you want them screw-back, then the film can be peeled off and you can epoxy on a screw just like the originals.

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I'm looking for badges for my 2ax's. If there are no repro's for them yet, just the AR badge would probably do. I'm currently working on getting a pair of 3a's. Haven't seen them yet so don't know if they need badges. Let me know how to get these from you.



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