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Advent 5012s, anyone?

Guest russwollman

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Guest russwollman

They've been sitting unused for several months. Foam woofer surrounds are soft and pliable, only a few years old. These were made by the Advent Division of International Jensen.

I installed new poly caps, removed the tweeter protection fuses from the signal path (easily restored), and intalled Imagers II (see http://www.audio-ideas.com/tweaks.html) around the tweeters (black domes).

The cabinets are walnut, just a bit larger in every dimension than the cabs of the older Advent walnut models with the radius front molding, and in beautiful condition with nice square corners and only very minor flaws. This model has no hi-freq control on the rear. The drivers are the same as the older Advent (but with the later tweeter). Though the x-over values are unique to this model, the sound is definitely Advent and, to my ears, identical to the A4s I use. The front grilles fit very tightly within a vinyl channel and do not rattle.

They're a handsome pair. I promise your wife will approve. You can have glass tops made for them and use them in the living room...

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