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KLH 23 pair-- you pay packing and shipping only


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I am looking for a good home for a KLH 23 pair. The ideal adoptive parent is one who wants to keep and appreciate them instead of sell them for a profit.

While searching eBay for a KLH 17 pair, I found for sale, 60 miles away, a pair of 23's that looked to be in above average cosmetic condition. The chances of finding vintage New England speakers within driving distance for me are slim here in southern Indiana. The packing and shipping charge listed by the seller was very high, so I just had to go and get them for $59.00. I rescued them as a tribute to that rascal Henry Kloss because I couldn't stand to see them at Goodwill or the landfill after they didn't sell due to the very high transportation cost.

Sure, I would love to use them and get that extra 1/3 octave of bass that the KLH 17 doesn't deliver. But, at 41 pounds, they are simply too heavy for my 110 pound carcass to deal with. If I want 30 hertz response, I have a Cambridge Soundworks Powered Subwoofer II on hand, which I CAN lift at 29 pounds.

My offer is--

If the adoptive parent is within driving distance, I am asking $59.00 for the pair. In the likely event that they will have to be shipped, I ask only payment for professional packing and shipping charges. If you want to add some extra, that is up to you. Call it the optonial adoption service fee.

The oiled walnut cabinets are in solid B condition. There are some minor scratches through the walnut stain, some minor nicks and some of those white paint marks from being rubbed against painted objects. The water stains on the tops from leaking planters are minimal on one cabinet and almost invisible on the other one, not the typical eyesore. There is nothing that shouldn't be able to be touched up with careful use of a wiping stain of the proper color. Grille cloth is perfect. Badges are missing, but the fellow thought that he could find them somewhere and they may turn up soon. Original final inspection stickers are included.

Usage wise, these speakers have been babied. I think that in recent years the guy who had them may have played his Herb Alpert tape once in awhile for background music. They will probably need a good break-in period to loosen them up.

I like the cabinet styling detail of the 23 very much, visually. And, the edge moulding is very shallow compared to that of the 17 cabinet. This may very well let the 23 tweeters image better than the same ones in the 17 due to less reflection from the cabinet.

I am located in southwest Indiana, in Jasper. Send me an email through the forum system if you are interested in the offer. I can get the packing charge and shipping charge to your location from my local shipping service. I doubt that it will be as high as the cost quoted by the original owner in his eBay ad, but am sure it will be more than $59.00.

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