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AR 11 tweeters


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Hi everyone,

I rebuilt my AR 11's, installed new tweeters and woofers,

and replaced the caps, when I had bought them in the 70's,

I had taken them to be repaired, (tweeters), I believe I've

been running them with the tweeter wires hooked up wrong, I think

the blue wire should be positive and yellow negative, they were

reversed, (I think), does anyone know the proper wires for pos

and neg ? The orange and blue wires come off the switches,

and the brown yellow and black are soldered to the neg.

Thanks much.. and they sure sound great now...... just want

to avoid blowing the new tweeters.....


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Reversed wires to the tweeter will not cause any harm to the speaker. If they sound good to you, leave them, if you are not sure, try them reversed. All you are doing is changing the phase relative to the other drivers by 180°. AR's studies in the '70's showed that most humans are not sensitive to phase.


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