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Kloss Novabeam 1A for sale


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I replaced my Novabeam with an LCD projector and would like to find a home for the Nova. It is 25 years old, but has fairly low hours: I used it only for Laserdisk (and later, DVD) viewing, no TV viewing. The gray scale and brightness still look good. The six-and-a-half foot screen has no scratches and the projector has some small tears in the vinyl covering (I put a CRT monitor on top for regular viewing and removed it for movie viewing). This model has the controls in the projector case, not at the end of a long cord, as some others did. I repaired the convergence board once, many years ago: the power transistors used were not soldered well, and the heat that they generated caused intermittent operation. Resoldering all of the transistors solved that problem. I also have some sales literature and reviews for the Novas.

I am open to offers, but hope to get around $300. This would be for pickup only. I am in Southern California, the San Fernando valley.

E-mail me at abbub@juno.com if interested.


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