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I know this is heresay... but if anyone ever used this French made woofer back in the 70's...

Guest slbender

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Guest slbender

and you have one or a pair in the closet, HD24B45L I'd be interested in obtaining them.

I designed my own speakers and used a combination of this French Audax Bextrene cone rubber surround woofer which is exactly 9.25 inches in outer diameter of the frame. Audax stopped making this woofer in the mid-1980's, and I had smoked one, so I bought a replacement just in time, which had to come from France back about 20 years ago.

Due to the 'odd' woofer diameter, neither 8" or 10" woofers can be used to substitute for it. I've spent the last ten or fifteen years using both household cement and epoxy to glue the rubber surround to the metal frame, where it comes apart due to the glue on an intermediary layer of cardboard between the rubber surround and the metal frame causing air leaks.

I built this speaker based on this woofer, a long time back, around 25 years back, so it "is" a classic in one sense, and its international heritage: French woofers, Danish midranges, and early on Taiwan tweeters ( then replaced by French tweeters, then Japanese tweeters, now finally Focal Kevlar inverted dome tweeters ) and Hong Kong made ribbon super-tweeters and an external Designed-in-USA 3 Way Crossover :-). All this was originally built using a pair of 'New England' Large Advent boxes, with a second wood baffle front custom made and cut to size over the original one...

-Steven L. Bender

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