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JBL LE 5-2 mid range driver needed

Guest studio by the pond

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Guest studio by the pond

I'm new to the group. I own several ARs, Advents, JBLs,

and a KLH speaker system.

Over the weekend, I obtained a pair of JBL 4310 speakers

in pretty rough condition. Fortunately, the grime cleaned

off nicely with Windex glass cleaner and the drivers

are all OK. One is missing the midrange 5" driver.

Model: JBL LE 5-2 5" driver.

If anyone has such a JBL driver for sale, let me know.

I have seen two pairs on ebay over the weekend, but they

are too high for my budget.

I'm a retired studio mixing engineer and have been mixing

for records since l964. I also have a retired 24 track

analog studio in the basement and have a collection of

120+ wire and tape recorders on display.

Lee Hazen, Hendersonville, TN NE of Nashville

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