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AR TSW 110

Guest Dan Walter

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Guest Dan Walter

Hi All.

Just here for a visit, I’m an Inmate @ Audio Asylum.

I’m revamping the old sound system, a 3-way bi-amp. I intend to pull my tweeters and mid-bases out of the large 3-way cabinets and mount them in separate cabinet. Found AR TSW 110s at the pawn shop for the intent of using the only cabinets.

I’m told that the 110s are considered ‘classic’ and I hate to trash somebody’s idea of a little treasure. The speakers are intact although the 6 1.2” have been replaced with a Shack DVC woofer and wired improperly, (I corrected). A bad choice for a replacement but a good try by somebody I guess. Everything else is original.

If interested ‘AS IS’ or just for the cup/XOs and funny looking tweeters, contact me. I can always snag cabinets @ PE.

Dan Walter

Roanoke VA. Imperial America


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