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AR-3 restoration project?

Guest Bret

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Does anyone have, or want to have, an AR-3 restoration project?

Pictured are two cabinets - one is in very bad shape (wood broken on the bottom/front, internal/structural cabinet otherwise intact) and the other is just in bad shape. There are two Alnico woofers and one front-wired midrange (looks original to me, Alnico, brown dome, and all).

The woofers respond to the battery "pop" test but considering the looks of these, I don't know that they haven't been abused.

I'm not going to "pop" the midrange and haven't put a cap on it and tried it on anything yet. That'll have to wait until tomorrow.

There were no tweeters. . . well someone stuck piezos in them, but that doesn't count. At least they made an "adapter" and didn't destroy the cabinet.

I have one grill-cloth and the badge (both dirty -but original). There is no "3" badge. The frame was hopelessly broken to bits. I may be able to get the second one tomorrow (frame also broken to bits), but the cloth (read: weaved plastic) wasn't in very good shape, filthy, perhaps melted in one spot, maybe just really filthy in that spot.

I've never seen an AR-3 crossover, but if I can read the schematic on the site, it looks "right", only you can tell me if those are the original pots.


Look at the "AR-3" photo album.

If you have any interest, any at all, make me an offer; reasonable or not. I have until Monday to do something with them and hate to end-up parting them out on eBay, which is what will happen.

If you don't want to do that in public, email me at "tbret" over at yahoo com.

Shipping will be from 39042, DHL ground is fairly cheap. But I'll probably have to buy boxes which isn't fairly cheap anymore, and I don't even want to think about what "The UPS Store" would charge to pack them - just keep in mind it's going to be expensive to ship them to you.

No fiberglass and I'm keeping the original woofer and tweeter screws (I need them, myself).

I have no idea what they weigh missing two tweeters and a midrange.



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