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Free for the asking... Two Callins NPE electrolytic crossover caps. These have been around a few years, but they measure +6% at 120 Hz, which is within their spec. The dissipation factor seems about right for this size cap.

Rating: 120 uf (+/-10%) 50 V non-polar electrolytic

Quantity: two (2)

Current measurements:

First device:

at 120 Hz, C = 127.2 uF, DF = 0.034

at 1 KHz, C = 124.5 uF, DF = 0.115

Second device:

at 120 Hz, C = 127.2 uF, DF = 0.045

at 1 kHz, C = 123.4 uF, DF = 0.145

These are free for the asking to the first person from whom I receive an e-mail ... and who includes their mailing address!


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