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Acoustic Research TSW-910 for sale (original owner)

Guest driftster420

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Guest driftster420

My parents have a pair of AR TSW-910; and they wanted to sell them because the room has been re-arranged. They are the original owner of these, and they rarely used them. The cabinets of the TSW-910 are really well made, and the drivers are with high quality. But because of the age, the woofer driver should be re-foamed. I've done one of them, but never had time to do the others.

If you're interested, please make an offer. I've owned and auditioned lots of different speakers, none of them has the "wow" factors as the TSW-910 have, regardless of price. I wished that I had more space in my own living room to place these, but I don't...

Pls send email to: cdshoward@yahoo.com if you'd like to own these superb speakers!

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