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AR9s for sale $700.00

Guest today736

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Guest today736

AR9s for sale $700.00 (plus 2 AR BSW-410 if local)

There are no pictures available.

I have one pair of AR-9 speakers for sale. All 4 - 12” and 2 - 8” speakers were replaced in 1996 with factory new replacement speakers from AR. The 2 midrange tweeters and the 2 high frequency tweeters are original. The crossovers are original as well. The cabinets and grills are in fair shape with the walnut veneer in good shape. They have not been used much recently in the last 6 years due to speaker matching in a 6.1 surround sound AV system.

No shipping cartons so I would like to sell them locally and can help deliver them for some gas and mileage if needed. I live in Eastern Pa. near Allentown. That’s about 100 miles from NY City and about 50 miles north of Philadelphia. I have a pair of AR BSW-410s with bad 8” cones (the tweeters are OK) that I could throw in as well for the $700.00 too.

I still have the old decomposed speakers with the really nice AR shipping cartons as well.

Without taking the new speakers out, I found this on the side of the shipping boxes:

8” - 12100045 – 0B

12” - 121003 – 2A

Old Speaker Part numbers:

8” – 200027

12” - 200003

Speaker serial numbers:

AR9 K02899

AR9 K02858

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