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AR90 speakers


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I have just purchased a pair of 90's in good condition, apart from totally stuffed 8" and 10" drivers. They cost me $10 each so I can afford to spend a bit on drivers. I'm not dedicated to keep the original configeration. I have considered replacing the two 10" drivers with plates made from perspex and using a 10" double magnet driver with an spl of 83.36db (250 wrms ,both coils driven )Voice coil resistance is 3.7 ohms and it has a free air resonence of 24 hz. (Qms of 4.155 and Qes 0.553 Qts of 0.488 )

I thought I would mount this in the front panel and leave the 200hz crossover point to cross over to a poly cone and rubber 120 watt driver with a Qms of 7.252, Qes of 0.350 and total Qts of 0.334............any comments.

They would be very much welcomed.

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You will loose the accuracy of sound reproduction of the classic AR speakers. The side firing woofers are to get away from the reflecting waves' cancellation in the lower frequency range. In addition, the bass smoothing circuitry will cause stange frequency response. To get the rigidity, you will need 1" thick plexiglass. Bottom line, you will loose the smooth low end response designed into the AR90. Definitely stay with the side firing configuration.

Anytime you mess with a system, without understanding it completely, you will be worse off.

IF you restore these to near original, you should be able to get about $500 on ebay for the pair.


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