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AR and Advent Cabinets for sale

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I have the following surplus(unused) speakers cabinets available for a good home at a VERY REASONABLE PRICE.

2 AR -28B for 8 inch woofer. 22x12.5x11.25" Unused. $20 plus shipping.

4 ADVENT Dimension Series Questra 6-1/2" 2-way.14/5x8.75x8.75" and 1.5 " vent 5.5 " long. Has a hardwood trim near the woofer cutout. A very good generic cabinet for AR or other quality 6 1/2" woofer. Unused. $ 30 plus shipping.

2 Cabinets for Dalia project 17.25x12.5x11.25" for Dyanudio 17W woofer. Glossy black oak with round corner. Unused. $ 50 plus shipping.


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