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Thorens turntable for sale

Guest YoungDave

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Guest YoungDave

I know this isn't a classic speaker, but I like to listen to classic vinyl and maybe someone elde here does, too.

The upgrade bug has bitten me (again) and I now want to sell my highly modified Thorens TD316 Mk III. It has many expensive upgrades that will necessitate a rather high price but I believe this table to be very good - so good that my upgrade will be to a VPI TNT HR-X, a $10,000 table.

Included is a highly desirable Clearlight Audio acrylic platter ($300 in 2003), an extreme phono non-felt mat, a Clearlight Audio damping puck ($100 in 2003), and the very nice Thorens isolated power supply upgrade ($300 in 2003). The arm is a very nice SME 3009 Improved, with fluid damper and superb SME silver litz wiring. The arm is mounted properly on the plinth, and I set the azimuth with an oscilloscope and HFI test record for minimum tracking distortion. I removed the resonance of the stamped metal chassis by firmly mounting it to an MDF base.I spent a lot to tweak this table and the results are very good.

I think this table is worth $600, and if you are interested, please contact me by e-mail.





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