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Amplifier for sale

Guest Barrydor

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Guest Barrydor

After enjoying the sound of David Hafler amplifiers for many years, I built this amplifier specifically to drive my AR9s. It works very well with them and with many other speakers I have used with it.

The amplifier is built in a David Hafler DH-200 case. Before I built the amp, I powder coated the case and hard anodized the heatsinks. It looks like brand new with no scratches or wear. I refitted the case with gold plated Vampire binding posts and input jacks, as well as an IEC power connector.

Before I refinished the heatsinks, I drilled them to accomodate four more power MOSFETs as was done in the David Hafler XL-280. The amplifier now has twelve new Exicon power MOSFET output devicess.

The amplifier uses Musical Concepts PA-3B boards in place of the original boards to drive the six Exicon power MOSFETs per channel which are mounted in new sockets.The amplifier uses the Musical Concepts dual mono power supply conversion, which consists of a 625VA dual secondary toroid transformer in place of the original 400VA transformer.

The secondary windings drive dual bridge rectifiers using Motorola shottky high speed fast recovery diodes and dual 25,000uF filter caps per channel, for a total of 100,000uF of filtering. All power and speaker wiring is 12 gauge stranded high purity copper wire.

The amplifier now delivers over 150W per channel into 8 Ohms and over 250W per channel into 4 Ohms and runs relatively cool at high power levels. It has great dynamics, solidity, quietness and transparency. It delivers an effortless, energetic sound with wide dynamic range.

The solid bass and effortless control of the AR9 woofers due to the high instantaneous current capability of the upgraded power supply is remarkable.

The amplifier is just over a year old and well broken in. Almost every part in the amplifier with the exception of the power switch has been replaced with a new and improved part. I have well over $1000 into this rebuild.

The amp can be compared to the Musical Design D-150B or D-150C amplifiers because it uses exactly the same topology. The differences are that the Musical Design amps use plastic cased power MOSFETs (inferior in my opinion to the metal case) and the shottky power rectifiers are optional at added expense.

I am selling the amp because I am now using a Musical Fidelity A300 and a pair of Rogue monoblocks to drive my AR9s - something has to go!

If you are interested or have any questions, please e-mail me at barrydor@yahoo.com











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