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For Sale: Acoustic Research AR90 Speakers in N.H.

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I have a pair of AR90 speakers for sale. To save time for all my best shot at describing their overall condition follows:

Cabinets: Fair-Good. No major delamination. Some corner and edge nicks/dings. No serious gouges. Bottoms are rough, as the speakers have been with me through many moves. The worst damage is at the corners just above the pedestal area. It's noticeable up close, but no great chunks, etc. are missing. Some slight sub-surface staining on the tops. They look good (not showroom by any means) with the grilles in place, but I know who's reading this ad and I want to play it safe with the minutia.

Drivers: All six woofers seem mechanically and electrically intact, but need to be re-foamed. Upper mid-ranges and tweeters are fine. The tweeters are a visual mis-match due to an equivalent replacement received from AR after one of the original drivers went silent. I believe that I have a partner for the newer driver in storage, but I'll need to verify that to be sure.

Grilles: Main grilles are good. They have no front-facing holes except from the mounting pin of the missing 1" square "AR" logo badge on one speaker. They do have a few tugs on the fabric weave, courtesy of the family cat before we made him into mantlepiece art (just kidding). The sides have a couple of wear-through spots where the fabric was stretched very tight. The side grilles are fair. 3 of 4 have small holes facing out, and all show wear-through around the perimeter.

The speakers are in New Hampshire, and I'd very much prefer to make them pick-up only. Shipping would be astronomical, as well as a packing nightmare.

E-mail me with offers, questions, or requests for photos. I'm not posting a fixed price because I've been away from this arena for a while, and want to get a better sense of what they're worth. Any feedback from non-buyers is welcome, too...

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