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Complete original AR 2A for sale


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Hi all, I have a pair of AR 2A for sale. The speakers are complete and original, the boxes still have the information and warranty tags all intact and in great shape. The speakers are all original and working, in each speaker 1 of the mids seems to have a bit of delaming of the paper cone. The drivers are perfect no problems at all, and same as the tweeters.

The croosover pots are in need of cleaning, or replacement. The boxes are in ggod shape a few very light scrathes. The griils are complete, the fabric is in good condition, just on the outside edge of both the material had been pulled away aprox. 1/2"-3/4", the AR emblems are in perfect condition, on one though the pin has desoldered, the A emblems are perfect.

The speakers were made in Jan1964 by the stamp on the inside of the box,serial # one is D72227 the other is D72231, almost a perfect match.

I was going to use these as a shop speaker, but after reading this forum, there is no way, you all have a love for these speakers, and it would be a crime to do this to these classics.

If required i can probably get pictures of these, as I do not have a digital camera, take my word these are a great set of originals.

Thanx to All...Chris

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