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For Sale - AR9LS w/LSi Crossover

Guest amerchant

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Guest amerchant


I have for sale a pair of 9LS speakers that I purchased new in 1984. They are in excellent condition with original surrounds that are immaculate. The cabinets are flawless, looking just as good today as they did when purchased. The sheet foam in the labryinth for the 10" woofer shows its age but is easily replaced (hasn't degraded the sound any). The mids reflect the curiosity of my two-year old son who pushed in the voice coil covers (again, cosmetic only).

I have modified the crossover to LSi specifications, using an engineering bulletin I received directly from AR. They also sent me the needed components (at no cost!).

I know that foam surrounds are an issue with this model. The only thing I can conclude is that the mild temperatures and low humidity in the San Francisco Bay Area are very kind. In the tropics, the surrounds fail rapidly.

I am asking $1000 for the pair. I would rather not ship them, so that does limit the radius, I realize. I am selling them because the size of the speakers doesn't fit with the house we've recently moved into. They still sound wonderful and parting with them is more painful, emotionally, than I'd thought. Please e-mail me at amerchant@eunoe-inc.com if you are interested.



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