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M6 Holographic Imaging pair for sale


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I have a pair of M6's that I've used in our bedroom for several years. They have not been on my main system for several years (when I went to 5.1), so their use has been limited.

Sonically, these are fantastic. These speakers really do have great imaging properties and are very detailed. They play all music well, but well-recorded jazz (Chesky comes to mind) and classical will just blow you away. They sound all that much better when bi-wired.

I originally purchased them as a demo pair, and the right speaker has a rather large scratch in the front along with three or four small nicks off of the finish. I've never tried to repair the marks, but I would thing they could be masked pretty well. The left speaker has a one small mark on the front and another on the left side. Other than that, they are in great shape and have always played perfectly. I have included a picture of the right speaker to show the blems.

Please email me @ jhoss5@cox.net if you have any questions. I'm simply taking offers for anyone who is interested, so give it a shot!

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