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2 *PAIRS* of AR5 speakers for sale!


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I have 4 each ORIGINAL, untampered-with AR5 speakers for sale.

They are all original and have tested in good working condition. The cabinets show normal wear for their age with scratches, scrapes and rings from people who thought they were cocktail tables and not speakers. They sound great to me and I hate to part with them but when I obtained them my wife had a coniption(sp) and said "NO MORE"!

The controls in back are ok but there is one with a missing external fuse, one with a missing knob, and one with a missing control assembly on the MID side only. They all still work even with these flaws. Email me for pics I have detailed shots of them also.

Please feel free to email me as I am offering them here first before I put them up on ebay. REMEMBER: This is 2 PAIRS, a total of 4 ORIGINAL AR5 speakers.



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