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Fantastic Genesis Physics speakers


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Hey all-

I've got a set of Genesis Physics Model II speakers from the mid-80s. They're big and heavy, but what matters (the sound) is fantastic: full-bodied and doesn't need a subwoofer. Ever. They were well over a grand new, and I've had them recently professionally refurbished (4 new foam surrounds). I'm moving out west, though, and they simply take up too much vauable space in my Subaru. I'll throw in a Technics surround sound home theatre receiver and an inexpensive (but incredibly reliable) Sony CD player for another $150.

Here's some info to go with: "...They manufactured their own drivers, which were as good, or better than, the drivers used in today's very expensive high end systems. The speakers were solidly built and basic in approach. The people at Genesis built products that emphasized what really matters for good sound. Very low distortion, extreme linearity, extended frequency response, and a very wide off-axis dispersion of these qualities, were engineered into the speakers, and at a very reasonable price range. They believed in their product so much they even backed the speakers with a lifetime warranty..." The Model II is 26-1/2" x 14-1/2" x 11-1/2"

The Speakers are in Somerville, MA, and I'd be happy to sell for $200 (the pair). You could pick up or pay me to ship... Let me know what you think!



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