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AR 16


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Cannot seem to find any reference to these that I've had for 20yrs + + .Just resurrected them they've probably been idle for 15yrs.Seems they are fairly simple 2 way design.Also have a set of AR12 that I have no trouble finding info.on.

Seems strange that even those advertising manuals etc on Ebay

don't have anything on the 16.

Would appreciate any info.Maybe I should settle on the 12s but the 16s are a better bet size wise.(according to "she who must be obeyed")


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The AR12's are a great speaker. Are you sure that you have AR16's, and not AR15's? The 10pi,11,12,14,15, and 18 date from the late seventies/early eighties. The 12 was replaced by the 92 and the 48. The 15 didn't really have a direct replacement. The 28 really replaced the 14. There is a pair of 14s on ebay:


The 14 has basically the same cabinet as your 12s, but is a two way design rather than a three way.


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That's the problem ya see they are 16s!!

Anyway have put them in the the shop.. Mr Hi Fi

hope he doesn't rip me off..he's quoting $100 per to rectify

at least that's only our poor OZ dollar


Will report in

No that's DR HI FI ..............

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