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advent speaker wanted


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hi i'm searchin' advent speakers. If you have a mini/babyII/babyIII/ and you want to sell them make a post and i contact you via forum direct email.

Take notice:

I live in Italy so in your money request tell me, please how much is the shipping costs to me .My postal code is 20010 (i live near Milano)

DON'T USE forum direct email because i've changed my email account, when i mail a reply i send my new email address.

I can pay via Western Union money transfer(if is ok for you)

In a second time i will search a pair of Legacy/LegacyII/prodigy/graduate speakers, but if you want to sell now a pair of them send your request in the terms shown above

For me is better slow and cheap shipping(i can wait several weeks for receiving the speakers)


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