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FS: AR3 Speaker Pair


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I have too many projects and am considering selling my pair of AR3 speakers located in Indianapolis, IN. I thought I would try here first before Ebay. They are probably also too nice to part out.

The speakers on these have never been removed and the serial # on each is in the C 63K range.

The cone on one woofer is frozen, probably a voice coil problem. It puts out sound but crackles on really low notes. Maybe could be demagged and remagged. I was able to get the mid on this one working by spraying the pot with some cleaner. The woofer on the other one sounds fine, but I have not been able to get the mid or tweeter working by just spraying the pots.

The cabs on each are really nice, with some normal expected wear. A little Formby's Lemon Oil really brought the dull tops on each cabinet back to life. The grilles on each are original but one is missing the logo.

Feel free to make an offer if seriously interested. Will probably be in the Orlando FL area in early August and might be able to deliver if you are on the way from Indianapolis. Or could also meet within a reasonable radius of the Indianapolis-Bloomington area.

You can also contact me at the following e-mail address:


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