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AR48s For Sale


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Hi all,

I too caught the "speaker restoration bug" sometime back. I have several pairs hanging around here and it's time for something to go, per the wife.

So, it is with a heavy heart I must part ways with my beloved pair of AR48s. I am keeping the other speakers I had been using most frequently, a pair of ESS PS-5. It took a month of A-B listening to decide to keep the ESSes. My reason being, more than anything, that they are more efficient than the AR48s...we all know AR didn't make the most efficient speakers in the world.

So, on to the speakers. I replaced the surrounds on both woofers and mids with Decware kits (didn't know about Layne Audio at the time). I believe in shimming the voice coils during surround replacement so both dust caps were replaced as well. The cabinets are in fine, fine shape, I have thoroughly cleaned and reoiled the vinyl, and the spring terminals are in perfect shape.

In short, the speakers look great and sound AWESOME.

I would like someone here who would appreciate them more have first crack at them before they go to eBay. I will accept offers on the pair until Monday, July 9, 6:00p CST. I have a reserve price in mind that I would like to see...if we get close, we can talk. Shipping and packing to be paid by the buyer. If there the price is right, I will pay for packing.

I hope to have pictures back tomorrow. (6/29) If you're interested, e-mail me and I'll send you a bunch all zipped up.

Thanks, I hope someone here will buy and enjoy them.

Keith Hatfull

Woodbury, MN


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