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Aztec Loudspeakers ?

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Anyone ever heard of or know anything about Aztec speakers. Very nice quality, two way, circa 1965-75. On par with KLH, AR, etc. Grill badge reads 'Aztec', aluminum tag on back reads 'Coquette'. Guy at the radioshow where I bought them thought that they were made in Boston.


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I picked up a pair last summer. I can supply pix. Three drivers, one 8" and two 3". I haven't done anything with them as yet. Very heavy construction, blonde finish like Haywood Wakefield furniture. Drivers all in very good condition, no surround rot. Pleasant sounding... Notice the inverted surround on the woofer. Cheap enough to keep them from a landfill. Don't know what model these are, very little info on Aztecs.





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