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Anyone remember AEI Evolution 1 speakers?

Guest rtbarr

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Guest rtbarr

I bought a pair of these speakers new in 1978 while I was a student in Nashville, TN. I auditioned them against the other larger bookshelf speakers from Advent, EPI etc. and preferred their sound. The LF drivers need to be refoamed now. Also the foam that was factory applied to the baffle around the tweeter is now sticky and falling apart. What would be a good replacement for this?

AEI was a Cambridge, MA company and they seem to be in the New England Sound tradition for sure.

If anyone here has any info on the company I would be interested. The only other time I have seen AEI speakers is at a local Olive Garden resturant that has a pair of what look like indoor/outdoor patio speakers with the same logo.

RT Barr

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