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Heathkit information?

Guest Pickles

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Guest Pickles

I recently came across a pair of Heathkit AS-10 speakers in a birch cabinet, with brown grilles. I picked them up at a rummage sale for $10, not bad considering they are in almost pristine condition.

When I got them home I plugged them into a Pioneer SX-580 and, well, let's just say that I was pleasantly surprised. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect when I first got them, I just saw them on the floor and thought that they may be worth taking home with me. I have no idea what the specifications of these speakers are, or what components they may have inside. I know that for a period of time, Heathkit sold models that featured components straight out of the AR-2. Google displayed some results saying that Jensen made the drivers for this model.

Whatever the case is, I would just like a little more information on these speakers. I have included some pictures just as reference.








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Hi there;

A real quick look at the woofer, minus the bolt pattern, and it quickly looks like a very early AR-1 woofer, accordion surround, smooth cone, though it is not.

Another quick look at the tweeter assembly and it has has a familiarity of the dual AR-2 series pair of tweeters, thought they are not.

I guess pretty well all woofers in those days looked alike.

The tweeter enclosure is a look-a-like to the AR-2's only.

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