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George Short / North Creek Music throwing in the DIY towel

Guest Bret

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Guest Bret

In case you guys haven't seen this, it was brought to my attention that North Creek Music is quitting the speaker kit business. Unless we buy in numbers that make us look like OEMs, we're losing that parts source. I hate this for several reasons, but honestly, chiefly the Zens. . . those mythical capacitors which don't sound better than other caps. . . except, of course, that they do.

Why is he giving-up? The home page of the website links to a full explanation. It's best if George tells his own story, so if you want to know why, the why is there to be read.

One of George's chief complaints about most new speakers is shared by a lot of fans of AR, Advent, KLH, etc. These days speakers are usually overly-bright.

I've been contemplating, contemplating buying a kit from North Creek, but I really lack the cabinetry skills and the woodworking tools. I mean, why would I keep a joiner in my garage, and why would I want to make speakers with boards cut by a Skil-saw?

I mention this here because it was here on TCSP that I was persuaded to try some of the Zen capacitors North Creek sells - by rebuilds done by R Lasky. As those of you have read me know, I am entirely sold that Mr Short speaks only the truth. I'll bet his speakers are wonderful.

Just kidding, Ken. (something of an inside joke; sorry)

Anyway, I'm sick that we've lost another friend.

I can't wait to buy my first 25 lb tower speaker with chromed-plastic woofer ports, or maybe my first set of Bose.


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