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How it all works together CD vs phono and tansport questions

Guest denmarkdrivers

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Guest denmarkdrivers

Seems i always have parts about my system i like more then others, Then i hooked up a good turntable and something clicks and the sound gets better, seems i neglected the imput source concentrating most of my efforts and cash into the amp and speakers.

I've noticed a decent amp with good phono stage outperformed a so called great amp with a shiity phono stage using the same speakers. It seems the blend of units and room dementions have so much impact in your overall sound. I'm not taking the importancy away from a good amp, for the cash rage i was willing to spend i think i made a good choice.

Never heard a transport with a DAC ( digital to analog converter) how does this compare to a traditional cd player?

does it sound as analog as a real phono player ?

I know all Cd players have digital to analog converters because humans hear in analog not digital ( hehe) does the big seperate DAC that transports use offer a true analog output closer to a real turntable ? Are they out of style ? did the traditional Cd player "catch up " ?


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