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Magnepans - Still there, but still good?

Guest bubslewis

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Guest bubslewis

I finally retired my old BOSE 501 speakers that I bought in 1973. Now considering various options, one of which is to buy some new speakers (oh boy oh boy).

Last time I seriously looked at speakers was back in 1988. I recall that I was highly impressed with some Magnepans back then. Can't remember the models , but I do recall that they were a bit above my budget plus I would have had to get a big high current amp to drive them.

Magnepan still seems to be going strong today. Given the ribbon planar speakers limitations of high current consumption and a rather narrow "sweet spot" for listening, are there any other negatives that anybody knows about?

The nearest dealer is about 70 miles from me (not an impossible distance), but I would like to get as much ammunition as possible before I stick my neck out.

All feedback or opinions welcomed.



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Guest kfarrand

Check our consumer reviews of the MMGs at:


I've had two pair of the Maggies - SMGas and now MMGs. Very pleased

with them being driven by a Harman Kardon AVR 520 receiver - high

current +,- 45 Amps. The Maggies do well with the high currrent

design. I'm running them with a JBL E250P Northridge Series 12"

Powered sub and a pair of Dynaco A-25s for the rear channels when

running Dolby 5.1.

I'm considering running them with a single AR-3a (or pair) unstrapped

to use only the woofer output

Maggies have an expansive sound stage but some do not prefer this if

they gravitate toward tight imaging as with monitors. They do have a

sweet-spot nature and are more sensitive to room placement than a

number of other speaker designs.

With the manufacturers trial period, you owe it to yourself to give

them a try. I would highly recommend a high current design amp for use

with the Maggies to truly do them justice. The HK is a nice match for

the Maggies (at least the MMGs). Good luck with your move to new

speakers. Kevin.Manson@Gmail.com

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